The Totenkopf Sisters

The Totenkopf Sisters

The Totenkopf Sisters are the Nazi Buxom Guards of Zombie Hitler. Their name is "Friedrich" and "Heinrich".


  • Friedrich - White hair and wears the Lieutenant Nazi Uniform
  • Heinrich - Blond Hair and wears the Colonel Nazi Suit


  • Heinrich - Herta "Mandel" Grese (Leader)
  • Friedrich - Irma "Maria" Bothe (Assistant Leader)


They have the Smith & Wesson Classics Model 10, 1911 pistols, Authentic Nazi Officer Dagger–01, German Nazi Army Officers Dagger, Nazi Brass Knuckles, Competition Kama with Handgrips 12 as Serb-Cutters, Totenkopf Helmets and Nazi High-Heel Shoes.


Before they became puppets, they were Nazi Totenkopf assassin killers who are leaders of the Totenkopf gangsters. During the war, Andre’ Toulon and the puppets were doing a show for the kids with Peter Hertz on the train to Swaziland when the Nazi ladies came and attack the train with their gangs to rob the train. Toulon, Hertz and the puppets wipe out the Totenkopf gang and leave the battle to the puppets against, 2 leaders named Herta “Mandel” Grese and Irma “Maria” Bothe. They were no match for the puppets. They slaughtered them to shredded pieces and splash blood everywhere. After that, they cleaned up the mess and threw the corpses overboard and off the train. The scientist, named Professor Freuhoffer, has their sample of blood since he was a scientist that studies blood before he was captured and imprisoned. After he escaped with Toulon’s formula, he made a blueprint of the new puppets, named “The Totenkopf Sisters”, and stashed them with the others in the trunk and hid it away. Years later, The Totenkopf Sisters were created by the Nazi Mad Scientist Puppet, named Professor Zivilabzeichen.