The Saucer
The Saucer is the different form of the Nazi robot–ship and was designed after The Martian Ship from “Mars Attack”. It’s used by The Nazi Marionettes.


The Saucer extend a pod to fire plasma balls to reduce ground targets to ruin from the middle bottom and shoots coaxial lasers which can be fired in any direction from its edges.

Mechanical Engineering

The inside of The Saucer is filled with firing mechanisms feeding ammunition into its plasma ball launcher, and it does not have any form of defense against a target that made it inside through its formidable firestorm.


The Saucer has:

  • Firing Mechanisms that feeds explosive ammunitions
  • Coaxial Laser Cannons
  • Machine Mini–Guns
  • Flamethrowers
  • Bomb Cannons
  • TNT Rocket Launchers


The Saucer also has the same ability and engineering as the Martian Ship from “Mars Attack”.