Puppet master spaldoni by mrmachination-d4763kc-3-
Spaldoni ia mafia puppet that was created by Andre' Toulon.


Spaldoni wear a 1920s Mafia gangster outfit (complete with pinstripe suit, cigar, and Tommy gun).


The only weapon Spaldoni has is a Thompson submachine gun.


Spaldoni was a rum runner/bootlegger that Toulon knew during prohibition. Maybe they were neighbors, and they got along well because Toulon reminded Spaldoni of his grandpa who was a puppeteer back in Corleone. Suddenly, one day, Toulon accidentally sees the wrong thing when Spaldoni and some of Toulon's associates and it went really bad and they wanna kill Toulon so Spaldoni saves him but dies in the process, so Toulon makes him a puppet.