Smasher is Nazi muscular puppet and has the soul of the Nazi Wrestling Champion, named Gustav Demelhuber.


Smasher is the H.O.M. Hulk with tattoos the helmet and body are in coat of paint. Citadel colors for the skin tones and Vallejo German WW2 Field grey for the trousers. The tattoos painted in a "Germanic" font and with 5 words in German.

Power Abilities

Smasher has monstrous physical strength, Big Hands packs an explosive punch, high intelligence, escapologist, hand to hand combat, expert strategist, speed, durability, stamina, endurance, reflexes, Iron Will Power, and tactician


Smasher has C.B.S.S.B. knuckles (Crusher Brass, Steel, Spike, Bladed), a handgun, an axe, Harpoon, Sledgehammer and a strangle rope.


Before becoming as a puppet, he was known as the Nazi wrestling champion, named Gustav Demelhuber, until he was shot by the American soldiers. Freuhoffer collected a sample of his blood and kept it in the box with the puppet and send them to a different country where no one can find them.

Years later, the blood was used by the Nazi scientist, Professor Zivilabzeichen to work and create an unstoppable killing machine and he has done so in creating the murderous puppet ever and named it “Smasher”. His nickname is “Panzer”, which he unfortunately hate it bad. He is built like a tank and able to go head to head with any allied armor that they can throw at him. Smasher is a formidable sight to see on the battlefield.