Rizuma ref by shadowhunter9003

Name: Rizuma (RI-zoo-ma)
Age: ? (around 19)
Sex: Male
Occupation: Straight
Crush: Riley
Family: Umber (Half older brother)
Friends: Riley, Taylor, Dadui, and Puppet Master
Enemies: Ringmaster
Rivals: Umber


Rizuma, other wise knowen as Velmicar the Demon of Guilt/Feelings, was turned into a keronian un-expectedly. Some how he was taken out of Riley's heart and turned to a keronian. Now that Rizuma is a keronian he has developed a small crush on Riley, whom doesn't know he does. But Rizuma has a rival in the case, his older half brother, Umber, to has a crush on Riley. The staff he carries helps him control fire elements.