Professor Zivilabzeichen is the Nazi mad-scientist that creates Nazi puppets for the war against The Marionette Warriors. He has the soul of the Nazi scientist, named Johannes Gohrbandt.


Zivilabzeichen has insane hair and hideous smile, wears a mad scientist outfit and the reflector that shoots lasers. Took off Doc Ocks mech arms (in fact I used bits of them on the Kreigaffe) took off his glasses and replaced them with one from the Johnny Depp Sleepy Hollow figure, made a belt and backpack from some spares, added a radio control made from scrap bits and wire a quick paint job using Vallejo WW2 German Fieldgrey for an authentic German uniform color and painted the boots and hands–In fact the swastikas took the longest–they are still not perfect but they will do for me.

Power Abilities

Professor Zivilabzeichen has Super Intelligence, Brilliant expert mechanic and inventor in both mechanics and robotics, Highly proficient in many forms of piloting, aerial fights and driving and above average physical strength.


Professor Zivilabzeichen is rageaholic, insane maniac Nazi Scientist who love doing experimentation on humans and hates failure.


In 1939, Zivilabzeichen was seen in a package with the other Nazi puppets after created by Professor Freuhoffer. Years later, he was seen in the lab of his own, creating new Nazi puppets in the order The Nazi Marionette Leader, named Zombie Hitler.