Pester by agent sarah
Pester is Jester's "evil twin brother" who is supposedly Jester's long dead older brother, William.


Pester wear the same suit as Jester. Except all colored in black/orange. His hat has pewter spike ornaments in place of bells and spike on his jester collar. He has dark red line across his angry gold-yellow eyes and has bloody vampire-like fangs.


Pester has a dangerous sense of dark humor and extra mean to the enemies and his brother, Jester. He likes black/slapstick comedy and uses it against villains and badly hates villainous enemies, his brother (Jester) and bad jokes.

Power AbilityEdit

Pester has Clown Physiology and can do the same ability as the other clown puppets. His fangs are poisonous with Clown Toxin, when he bites, his enemy get poisoned, right in to uncontrollable spasms of laughter, followed by a murderous death.


Pester's main weapon is a cleaver. Except, Pester has a bottomless clown package with the same weapons as the other clown puppets


William HATED his younger brother, Hans (Jester). He tried everything ta get rid of him. Unfortunately, poor innocent Hans doesn't know what's goin' on... Then, William met his demise when he got hit by a car when Hans went wondering in the street. Hans was confused. Andre' Toulon took the sample of his blood and gave it to the new clown puppet he made and named it, "Pester".