Mr cottontail by xxneuroticbunnyxx-d35l2td
Mr. Cottontail is a rabbit puppet. He was created the same time when Torch was made. He was once a rich man that Andre Toulon knew and got himself killed by Nazis who raided his mansion. Unlike the other puppets, Cottontail always cares about himself and not others; making the other puppets dislikes him. He can become a real jerk and follows no one, even a puppet master. One day, the resurrected Andre (from The Puppet Master 2) ordered Torch, secretly, to get rid of Cottontail for his arrogance and disobedience. So there might be a bit more fan characters I made for that obsessive movie, but I'll introduce them in the future. But for now, here's my main fan character, Mr. Cottontail. And yes, he does look like that rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. He was burned by Torch and abandoned in the forest. His only weapon is a cane that can switch into a spear and a shotgun.