Mime is a clown puppet created by Rick, when he started to notice Jester was getting lonely, Mime is meant to be his partner in crime.


Mime is funny, Kind, Nice to friends and mean to enemies. She loves friends, jokes and riddles, funny novels, comedy movies, and slapstick comedy against villains and hates Villains, Rivals, Enemies and Bad Jokes


Before she became a puppet she was known as Micah White, a dear friend of Susie and was murdered by her abusive boyfriend. When Rick and Susie heard, they and the puppets avenged her death and gave Micah a second chance at life as a Mime puppet. Mime is much like Micah was in the fact that she loves jokes, and does not speak much. Unlike a true mime artist clown, Mime only speaks when she needs to and tends not speak unless spoken to. Mime also has a look of Harley Quinn and goes with Jester as his partner.