K by penguinqueen423-d413
K is a cat puppet. She a female, but mistaken for a male by the other puppets. She has flexibility, the ability to take in a large amount of damage, fast reflexes, strategy, increased senses, and the ability to stay hidden. Her disadvantages is being too calm in a dangerous situation, and tends to be a bit scornful when danger approaches her. She's quite humorous, a little serious, can be a little shy but outgoing, and a geek. She likes cooking, music, video games, firearms, anime, and choreographed anime dances. She hates arguing, and karaoke. She can hear over her music that plays on her iPod, and the power and amount of electricity varies on her energy levels. She also carries a backpack around with her at times, it holds her laptop and other sweet treats. If she listens to upbeat, metal, or screamo music; her energy rises and creates large bursts of electricity and power. If she listens to classic rock, soothing songs, or becomes tired, the electricity and power drops lower.