Unknown or Unseen Characters
Igor is a puppet that knows little of his past. All he remembers is waking up in an old wooden shack. There was blood on the floor and blood on him. But other than that he cannot remember who he is.


Igor wears an all black suit. His hands are normally black leather gloves but this isn't always the case. He can swap his hands and replace them with the weapons he carries in a black case. The black case is a long metal brief case. He also wears a black sack over his head. Normally this would obscure someone's vision but it does not seem to bother him. Underneath the hood is a porcelain head with two black holes for eyes. He has not mouth leaving him unable to talk. Even though he has no ears he can still hear somehow.

Personality Edit

Igor is generally calm and kind to other puppets. When around humans he becomes defensive. This is often showed by how he often checks on the weapons he has inside his black case. When looking for something or someone his personality is the complete opposite. He becomes cold and violent of a fight breaks out. He still shows fondness of those he sees as friends but for the most part he is more like a machine. He also has a habit of sharpening his bladed weapons almost religiously everyday.


His black case while mainly a carrier for his real weapons has been used several times to kill. He will often use it as a shield for oncoming attacks then when close enough beat someone to death with it. Inside the black case are four weapons. The first two are electric powered saws. One looks like the blade of an electric handsaw. It can easily cut through wooden table legs even with it's small size. The other is a buzz saw. With his detachable hands he can use both weapons at once. His other two weapons are not electric powered instead they rely on more traditional killing methods. One is a hatchet and the other is a curved blade. The hatchet has a hammer like backside to it. He often uses the backside to break his enemy's weapon or weapons.